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WEE world elevator exhibition
Recently, the WEE was held in Shanghai, one of the important events in the world elevator industry, aiming to provide a common platform for global elevator manufacturers, suppliers and customers to communicate and display the latest technologies and produ
Pakistan customer visited HST
Recently, the Pakistan customer came to our company, before which, the two sides had friendly cooperation but did not meet, this is also the first time for the customer to come to China
Celebrate customer’s new factory construction
Recently, our company participated in the customer's new factory groundbreaking ceremony, the factory is expected to be completed by the end of the year
Monarch company visited HST
Recently, Suzhou monarch Mr Tommy visited our company, monarch company has long been our top five suppliers, the cooperation between the two sides in 2022 more than 13 million output value
Vietnam customer visited HST
Recently, Vietnamese customers visited during the holiday, our company arranged for customers to visit some of the domestic ladder peers
Taiwan customer visited HST
Recently, Taiwan customers came to our company, after the epidemic, the customer is the first time to visit the factory, over the years, our company has continued to provide customers with a full set of elevator parts, won the favor of customers, after th


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